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Build Your Own Laptop Greatly

Build Your Own Laptop [Greatly and Cheaply]

Why buy a retail notebook when you can build a faster, cheaper portable system from scratch?

By Denny Atkin

Building a desktop PC is like dining at one of those huge buffet restaurants: You have dozens of choices for every dish, the variety ranging from hot dogs to filet mignon and everything else in between. Building a laptop reminds us more of a prix fixe menu: You can make a few decisions here and there, but you don't have much opportunity to customize your meal.

Indeed, building your own laptop is chock-full of challenges. Parts are harder to find, choices are fewer, and you need a steady hand to deal with small screws and the tight confines of a portable case. What's more, there's not nearly as much information available in books and on the Web about assembling portable systems from the case up.

Look past these limitations, however, and your DIY laptop dream can become a reality. With a thirst for challenge and a $1,400 budget, you can assemble a speedy, well-equipped mobile machine that performs better and costs less than many comparable pre-built systems. As for the difficulty in putting it all together, that's where we come in: We'll walk you through all the steps it takes to build a high-performance laptop from as close to scratch as you can get. Read More

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Build Your Own Laptop: Custom Design A Notebook

Build Your Own Laptop - Custom Design A Notebook
Remote Desktop Access A resource dedicated to remote desktop access and other computer tools Build Your Own Laptop

It's easy to build your own laptop, with many custom design possibilities, whether you want a business, video editing, or gaming notebook.

When you're looking for the most ideal way to ensure you have the perfect portable computer, there's really no other option than to build your own laptop.  This way, you can ensure that you have the features that are most important to you, and you can also ensure that you don't waste money on things that you're just not going to need.  With the right type of portable computer, you can do practically anything, whether you're looking for a great way to keep up with friends and family online, the perfect mobile workstation, or if you're just looking to do some gaming.  It's just a matter of choosing the right way to build your own laptop, so that you can ensure you have the computer that's literally perfect for the functions that you're going to be performing the most.

When you're looking to build your own laptop, the first thing that you want to get a feel for is scale.  Some laptops can be quite large, and can have screens that are 17 inches large, or larger.  But then some can be quite small in the area of 10 inches even.  You really want to think about this size, because it dictates how large the computer is actually going to be.  When portability is a major concern, you obviously want to go with the smaller more conveniently carried laptop. But when you're looking for the perfect way to ensure that you can enjoy your portable computer just like a desktop, few things beat the look and power of a large laptop.

From there, you want to really think about what you're going to be using your computer for.  This is going to dictate just how you want to build your own laptop, so that you can ensure that you find one with the power and abilities that you really need.  That means first considering just what type of computer you want based upon what you're going to be doing with your system.  One of the most important factors is processor power.  You want a good and fast processor if you plan on streaming video or movies, or if you plan on playing games, so that you can ensure your computer is powerful enough to get through all the information.  But for the basics like web surfing, online shopping, or even basic working, a lesser processor will do.

What's more, when you build your own laptop, you also really want to consider other things like how comfortable the keyboard is to use, as well as what type of mouse is featured.  If you're going to be typing a lot, you want to a full sized keyboard, so that you can ensure you're able to hold your hands in as ergonomic a position as possible.  What's more, you also want to build your own laptop to have the right type of mouse.  Some people like the tablet style which you trace your finger across, but others like the eraser head, which doesn't require you to really move your hand at all, to get your pointer where you want it.