Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make a Laptop


    • 1 Research the basic laptops on the market,including their specifications, such as available memory slots and how to dismantle the laptop. Because it is pretty much impossible to build a laptop entirely from scratch, you'll want to get a very basic new laptop and customize it with better parts. You can expect to pay around $300-$450 for the laptop.
    • 2 Purchase the laptop from your local electronics store. The best time of the year to purchase a laptop for an inexpensive price is around the fall or winter months due to people going back to school and the holidays.
    • 3 Decide what parts you'll be swapping out on the barebones laptop. You might decide to put in a better hard-drive, graphics card, more memory and perhaps even a better sound-card.
    • 4 Go to a computer parts web site and look around to build your custom laptop. Do a bit of research to ensure that you're only looking for parts that are compatible with your laptop and that your laptop has room for, as the worst thing you can do is buy something only to figure out it won't work. Check the Resources section for links to a few laptop parts web sites and check your laptop's manufacturer's web site for details on what is compatible and what all you'll be able to put in there.
    • 5 Purchase all the laptop parts you'll be using to customize your barebones laptop. Depending on what you're upgrading, you might spend anywhere from $100-$400 for the parts. Most likely, even if you spend that much, you'll still be saving money as you'll be installing all the components yourself.
    • 6 Take apart the laptop using the manufacturer's instructions. If you take the laptop apart the wrong way, it can cause it to stop working, so be careful and follow the instructions. You'll need a Phillips screw driver to take the laptop apart (from the bottom). Depending on the laptop, the way you take it apart may vary, so follow the manufacturer's guide.
    • 7 Install each new component one by one, making sure to connect all wires properly. Again, you'll want to follow the manufacturer's instructions so that you do it just right. If you're installing many new parts, you might spend quite a bit of time doing this part of the build. You should make sure you're grounded so that you do not give any electricity off to the components of the laptop, as this can cause the laptop to stop working. Also avoid touching the thermal paste if possible.
    • 8 Put the laptop back together (using the manufacturer's guide) and power it on. Make sure that all the components are working correctly. If they're not, troubleshoot each one of them until you get them all to work right. Don't be afraid to email the manufacturer or contact a computer forum for help. Check the Resources section for a couple of computer forum links.
    • 9 Install any upgraded software you had planned on putting on the laptop. This might include a new operating system or perhaps some audio/video/photo editing software.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laptop Exchange

Laptop Exchange

     There are many different ways that one can exchange their laptop when it begins to become not as great as what is out. The worst thing is when you just buy a laptop and then find out a few months later that the new laptop comes out and they do not exchange to the new ones. Here is the Best Buy returns and exchange policy. Sometimes this is what is needed to be able to know whether you can do a laptop exchange.

   Walmart - Laptop exchange
i am mulling this over....

i have a ruined laptop that was given to me. i know it was purchased from walmart. and i know they still carry the exact same model.

could i go and buy a new laptop of the same model, put the ruined laptop in, and exchange it? i desperately need a laptop exchange and this would help me immensely. would they check the serial to see if it matched the box? will they try to turn it on? should i just say i just bought it today and it never turned on and ask for a full cash refund?
any help is GREATLY appreciated. thank you!

edit: in a nutshell, i want to:

buy new laptop
put broken laptop inside new packaging (no physical damage)
bring back broken laptop in new box
get a full refund ("it didn't turn on. i just found something at best buy i just want my money back")

im broke and can't afford a laptop! this would help me immensely. is it worth the risk? is there risk? any input is greatly appreciated

This won't work. They check the serial number on the battery and the laptop to the box. I know this because I returned two laptops to two different Walmarts in the last 2 weeks. First time the damn thing didn't have wifi. Second one was a great laptop, just found a much better deal on a super slick laptop with much better specs and a lower price and opted for that instead.

Both times I did a return they checked the serial on the battery to the laptop and on the box. First time they made me do it in the Electronics department and second time was done in Customer service. Is what you did to the laptop your fault or a manufacturer defect?

This sounds like something I would have done when I was young and immature and didn't care about anyone except for myself and thought that nothing was ever my fault.

Nowadays, I know better than to do that even if the temptation is there and even if I know it will work.

Who ruined it? If it was you, it sounds like it is your problem.

Your computer should still be under warranty. Surely Walmart isn't selling the same laptop for over one year?

I always wondered who bought laptops from Walmart (other than Black-Friday deals)...