Thursday, September 23, 2010

Build Your Own Laptop

The best decision may be to build your own laptop, so that way the laptop that you will be using will be one that is customized to your own individual specifications. Some may like to build their own laptop in order to play graphic intensive games such as Starcraft II or World of Warcraft.

Some consumers who want laptops however, need it for school or work and would rather have a laptop computer that is excellent with Access or other office programs. Some other users might like to produce and edit movies on the go. Such a laptop requires that you have a ram and memory packed specifications that can be achieve more economically by building your own rather than to buy one that is pre-built for you by a prefab laptop company.


  1. Is it better to build my laptop or purchase one if so which place offers best reliable quality?

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  2. I always say, "Sure, same way it's possible to build a car with parts from the autoparts store People who talk about building laptops in discussion groups go on at length about the difficulties of procuring LCD screens and what to do with them.
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